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Navarro IT Solutions warrants to the original purchaser that any hardware component of the computer system, excluding accessories (screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, software, operating system, documentation, and other items of a similar nature), will be free from defects in workmanship of workmanship and materials during the duration of the guarantee that is included with the purchase, from the date on which the product was delivered to the Client. During the time of the guarantee, Navarro IT Solutions, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace the defective computer system for the faults that you indicate. This service is free of charge for labor and/or components, depending on the length of the warranty period you purchased. Some pieces may not be exactly the same, but they will all be the same.

Within the first 30 days after receipt of your computer system, Navarro IT Solutions will pay the cost of shipping to and from you, as well as the replacement of defective parts. The only requirement is that the system is returned in its original packaging. A sales representative can provide you with information on the price of replacement packing materials if you do not have the item's original packaging. After the first 30 days, you will be responsible for paying the shipping costs to Navarro IT Solutions, and Navarro IT Solutions will pay the return shipping costs, but it will only be for ground shipping. If your computer were initially shipped to you by freight or air, the warranty service company would insist that you only use freight or air to protect the computer while it is in transit. Navarro IT Solutions will give you a lower rate for freight delivery, the exact amount of which will depend on your location (it can be as high as $250), and the reduction will be applied automatically. The initial freight cost of the order was calculated at a rate that was fifty percent lower than the actual cost of transporting the item.

Replacement or repair using components warranted for the remaining warranty period is the only option available as compensation for this breach of warranty.  This warranty does not cover any damage that occurs during shipment, nor does it cover any damage that occurs as a result of the impact, fluids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning, or other natural disasters, natural of a similar nature; unauthorized modifications, accessories, or peripherals; misuse, environment, installation, overclocking, power supply or negligence; improper maintenance; or any other form of misuse, abuse, or tampering. Also, this warranty is VOID if the user has sent the computer to an unauthorized repair shop, person, or any related without consulting Navarro IT Solutions first. Under the terms of this warranty, Navarro IT Solutions' sole liability for failure to repair or replace the hardware system after a reasonable number of attempts is limited to the replacement of the hardware system or, at Navarro IT Solutions' sole discretion, a credit of the original purchase price. All of the above options are the only ones available to the purchaser in the event of a breach of warranty. Under no circumstances shall Navarro IT Solutions be liable for any other damages, including, without limitation, special, incidental, or consequential damages, and other claims of a similar nature, whether for breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability, or any other similar theory. The responsibility of Navarro IT Solutions is expressly limited to the amount paid by the client for the service. Damages that are not covered include, but are not limited to, the following: loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data or software, loss of use of hardware system, loss of use of related equipment, cost of substitution or replacement equipment, " downtime", buyer time, property damage and all claims made by third parties. EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED HEREIN, NAVARRO IT SOLUTIONS MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS SOLD BY NAVARRO IT SOLUTIONS. EXCEPT FOR WHAT IS EXPRESSLY ESTABLISHED IN THIS DOCUMENT, NAVARRO IT SOLUTIONS. EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF ANY KIND WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCTS SOLD ON THIS SITE. THIS INCLUDES, BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Disclaimer The duration of the limited warranty that you have chosen will determine how much of the cost of labor and components is covered by the warranty. Take a look at the breakdown that is provided below:

  • The "3 Years Limited Warranty" plan pays for labor costs for the first three years of the warranty and provides direct replacement service for defective components for the first year. In addition, the plan pays labor charges for the first three years of the warranty. After the first year, Navarro IT Solutions will help the customer replace any broken components, as long as those parts are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty for as long as the customer owns the product. This support will be provided for the duration of the customer's ownership of the product. After the date of manufacture, certain components are typically covered by insurance for a period of time ranging from three to five years.

  • The "5 Years Limited Warranty" plan pays for labor charges over a five year period and provides a direct replacement service for defective components for a tree year period. After the first three years, Navarro IT Solutions will assist the customer in replacing any defective components as long as the original manufacturer's warranty remains in effect for those parts. This assistance will be provided while the customer maintains an active service contract with Navarro IT Solutions. After the date of manufacture, certain components are typically covered by insurance for a period of time ranging from three to five years.


Call the Technical Support Department at 1-787-465-8184. Please have your order number and serial number ready. Technical support staff will help you diagnose the problem over the phone. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone, we will decide the best course of action for complete customer satisfaction. If a return is authorized, please return the product. Do not return any product without prior authorization. Products returned without prior authorization will be held for 15 days pending return shipping instructions and payment, and thereafter will be salvaged or disposed of without any accountability to Customer. Navarro IT Solutions will not be responsible for indirect damage to the boards or the system or any of its components caused by internal or external equipment, shorted connections or components not installed or purchased from Navarro IT Solutions. Navarro IT Solutions will also not be responsible for damage to components or loss of data from goods purchased from Navarro IT Solutions. The limited warranty also does not cover damage or defects that may have been caused by: Shipping damage (other than original shipment), improper installation or maintenance, misuse, neglect or improper environment, repair, modification, adjustment or installation of options or parts not carried out by an employee of Navarro IT Solutions, inappropriate or excessive electrical surges, or other irregularities in the electrical supply. Navarro IT Solutions will also not replace, repair, or refund any purchase if the item's serial numbers do not match, or if Navarro IT Solutions or authorized vendors do not sell the product directly. Navarro IT Solutions will replace the same or equivalent defective parts with new parts at no charge. Any other replacement parts that are different from the original configuration must be purchased at cost. Note: Do not include any accessories with your computer system for warranty repairs. If you provide such materials, Navarro IT Solutions will not be responsible for missing accessories such as software, adapters, etc. In the event that no defects are found to be covered by warranty, Navarro IT Solutions will charge a testing fee, notify Customer, and return the non-defective product when Customer pays testing fees and pays return shipping. If such fees are not paid within 15 days of notification, the product will be repossessed or removed without any accountability to Customer.


While working with Navarro IT Solutions, the customer is offered the opportunity to upgrade his or her own computer system. Navarro IT Solutions If you would like Navarro IT Solutions to upgrade your system for you, you will be responsible for paying the shipping expenses both ways. Navarro IT Solutions is happy to do this service for you. Navarro IT Solutions, on the other hand, will be responsible for paying any labor costs involved with the installation of the hardware in the computer (except for custom requests such as installing water blocks on components or other modifications outside the normal installation process). Please be aware that in the event that the customer begins to experience issues as a direct result of the update, the customer will be required to remove the hardware that is under suspicion in order to be eligible for warranty servicing and support. This notice is being provided for your convenience. Any hardware that has not been purchased directly from Navarro IT Solutions is ineligible for warranty coverage provided by the firm.


Navarro IT Solutions takes every precautionary measure that is humanly feasible to ensure that none of our computers are damaged in any way when they are transported from our facilities to their destination. Before placing the computer inside the shipping box, a senior quality inspector performs a thorough inspection of the exterior of the computer to ensure that we can still achieve our goal. Navarro IT Solutions will handle any cosmetic issue that is identified within the first week after first delivery and is larger than the size of a dime created in the United States if brought to their attention within that time period. weather. This policy only applies to direct purchases in our store or website. Does not apply to purchases from authorized and unauthorized vendors that sell our products.


Since Navarro IT Solutions does not directly manufacture LCD panels for monitors or laptops, we are going to transfer to the client the same guarantee conditions that Navarro IT Solutions has with the manufacturer(s). This is because Navarro IT Solutions does not directly manufacture LCD panels. Navarro IT Solutions will provide the customer with a replacement unit if any of the following three requirements are met or exceeded:

  • A total of more than six bright dots, six black dots, or six dots that are a combination of bright and block colors.


Navarro IT Solutions reserves the right to charge the customer for the value of the hardware and/or VOID the customer's warranty and technical support services in the event that the customer does not return the replacement hardware within the time period mentioned below. continuation.

  • 30 days: Navarro IT Solutions must receive the returned old hardware within 30 days of supplying the new equipment.


Due to dyes and chemicals added to maintain system integrity and prevent corrosion, the color of the fluid contained within the cooling system, as well as the tubes, fittings and water blocks, can change over a long period of time. time frame. time and takes on a hazy appearance.

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